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Tue, April 13, 2010 @ PM I have HH, and was overbled a year or so ago. Since then my Serum Iron and % saturation continues to remain high as well as my Folic Acid.

My Ferritin finally came up enough, and I now try to keep it between 25-35 (seems to work best for me).

I am constantly tired, ache all over in all my joints and now my muscles seem to be very weak. They first told me I had rheumatoid arthritis, now blame it on the iron.

Also, my hair is falling out by the handfull every day. Tue, April 20, 2010 @ PM hi all, i was diagnosed last year with having iron deficiency anemia.

Sun, March 28, 2010 @ PM Many hemochromatosis patients donate blood at ARC centers.