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If she was a girl, there was no increase at all in fathers taking time off. Universities have implemented programs regarding awareness and prevention.Then women’s time and work is valued less than men’s, and that starts at a young age, too. Being a college student I am aware of this big issue campuses are facing.By Holly Kearl, Huffington Post Founder of Stop Street Harassment and author of 3 books including “Stop Global Street Harassment: Growing Activism Around the World.” She also works for the Aspen Institute and the Op Ed Project In the United States, a woman who publicly speaks out for equal rights for women or states that men should stop harassing and abusing women may be harassed or might even face rape or death threats. ### Read more A new federal law that recently took effect offers college students new protections from domestic violence or sexual assaults on campus. Robert Casey (D-Pa.), the legislation’s co-author, told the Norristown Times-Herald.

One of the ways this plays out is through the low number of women in leadership; few people are encouraging and mentoring women to be leaders. There is a significant lack of tenured female professors at universities, and a new study this month found that men with mustaches outnumber women as heads of medical departments in the 50 leading medical schools. Abusers don’t talk of their past, but often have issues. With today marking the Sexual Assault Awareness Month Day of Action things are going to really get exciting.

A key recommendation across the Istanbul conference was engaging more boys and men in this issue. And most obviously, we need boys and men to not harass or use force and violence against others. Next week is a double whammy of It’s On Us and International Anti-Street Harassment weeks. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a rise of not only public awareness, but a massive surge of public activism around college sexual assault, and that is why it is this year’s SAAM focus.

Research shows that girls are paid less than boys for their housework and chores. While on Facebook the other day, I saw a post about what a fraternity at my school, Millersville University, was doing to fight sexual violence.

In adulthood, overall on average, women make 79 cents for every dollar a man makes, with women of color making even less. The president of the Delta Tau chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha, Anthony “Ant” Ciliberto, had posted about how proud he was of his chapter for being the first fraternity in the nation to be certified in the Hu-MAN Up Safe House training.

Isn’t it telling that advocating for women’s rights can be dangerous? Prior to the Campus Sa VE Act, there was no explicit requirement for prevention and awareness programming.