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There are conflicting stories about where he was born and even what his name was! M., was organized in 1859 with the following members: John S.

I rather "burned out" after working so intensly on the Lawrence line and decided to take a breather before tackling the Crocker/Babb connection. I'd appreciate any info on John and Penny Crocker and their children that you are willing to share. Rosa Hill and the man we knew as Leander took the name Wilson, but I have not been able to find any records of a legal adoption.

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The following is what I have been able to piece together. On 13 January 1887 ARDELIA LAWRENCE HILL married Thomas J. As they lived out from Raleigh in the country, they may have just changed their names, by-passing any legal adoption. The town has a good school, and a church has been completed during the past year.