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CH2’s Bachelor of the Year Contest has blossomed into a greatly anticipated media event every year with viral marketing (i.e., Facebook, Twitter) contributing to the annual readership of those issues pertaining to the contest and over 700 people attending the Bachelor of the Year party held every October held at a local Hilton Head or Bluffton entertainment spot.

The current model of weight loss therapies center around calories-in and calories-out.

This requires restricted calorie intake, appetite suppressants and strenuous exercise. Recent statistics show that 56 million people start a diet four times a year. Metabolism is the sum total of all biochemical reactions driving physiology toward health or disease.

This hormone facilitates the movement of fat stores from the mother to the baby. Simeons discovered that small doses of is not a sex hormone and will not cause men to grow breasts or have decreases in virility. There is a part of the human brain that controls all the automatic functions of the body, such as breathing and the heartbeat, as well as storing and issuing fuel to the body. This is the unique aspect of is actually moving stored calories (abnormal fat) into circulation.

For every pound of fat mobilized, this accounts for 2000 calories available for use.

It is important that be prescribed by a physician and prepared by a compounding pharmacy using pharmaceutical grade chemicals that have been tested and validated for safety. More advanced methods of delivery are now available with nasal sprays, sublingual drops or lozenges and topical applications. The cost of the medication is in the range of $140 to $200 for one cycle, plus the office visit to the physician.