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The characteristic buildings and ironwork in historic districts of New Orleans, including the French Quarter, while exhibiting Spanish and other European influences, were to a considerable extent the work of craftsmen of color, slave and free.

Musicians, poets, and artists of color also have flourished, as illustrated, for example, by the output of 19th-century French-language literary works, twentieth-century jazz, and a range of visual arts.

Co-production of Serendipity Films LLC, WYES-TV/New Orleans & Louisiana Public Broadcasting in association with Independent Televsion Service (ITVS) & National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC). Prior to Katrina, New Orleans had the greatest concentration of Contessioti in the US.

The well-known local Italian-American family of Schiro, for example, traces its roots to Contessa Entellina.

In addition to reflecting a mixture of American assimilation and the awareness of specific cultural traditions, these Asian Americans also bond together based on themes of common heritage and concerns.