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That in turn led to thousands expressing their shock and confusion over the cop's seemingly outlandish behavior - which left Wubbels scratching her head.'I don't know what his problem was,' she said, adding that she 'would have liked a chance for him to talk to one of his superiors' before grabbing her.

Victor will be furious, Abby is crushed, and Scott will be in a position to tell her “told you so” about jumping in too quickly with bad boy Zack (Ryan Ashton).

The latest spoilers hint that it will be Scott and not the GCPD that cracks the case.

This sets Scott on the path to discover the truth about the sex ring, the app, and that Abby unknowingly funded the development of a tool to exploit women.

Remember Scott is a top-notch investigative reporter, so he’ll be able to connect the dots and figure things out.

She was let go without charge after 20 minutes, but the incident left her shaken.