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The cadet is no longer at the school, but a spokesman declined to say whether the student withdrew or was expelled. The prep school is separate from the academy and helps promising students meet the academy's entrance requirements.- (Black) farebeater said giant Bowie knife was for ‘pigs like you’ Port Authority cops caught this cheerful-looking farebeater at a train station in Jersey City — and then discovered that he was carrying a massive Bowie knife inside his backpack, which he claimed to have “for pigs like you.” Khajah Gaye, 25, was busted around 5 p.m.University of Pennsylvania Graduate Student Beaten, Robbed in West Philly by worthless fatherless young black male predators A 26-year-old University of Pennsylvania graduate student was severely beaten during a robbery Friday night in West Philadelphia.

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Police said the suspects then went looking for another victim.

Deputy Chief Ron Compton said officers arrived in less than 90 seconds after a call to 911 and found one of the suspects attempting to carjack . Ducharme warns other woman who are out shopping they can make themselves a target if they sit in their car on the phone and are distracted. You can wait for the phone and you must be aware of your surroundings," said Ducharme.

Welch then stuck his hand through the open window to unlock the backseat.

He claims this is when Allen rolled it back up, trapping his hand.

Tuesday at the Journal Square PATH station, according to police.