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Her mum, Amy, 31, was devastated, but quickly ensured her daughter was fitted with hearing aids and later underwent an operation to have a cochlear implant fitted - an electronic device that replaces the function of the ear.

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Those skills come in handy for a music fan who is deaf; after years of going to concerts where the experience ranged from disappointing to miserable, Cryer and other music fans who are deaf and hard-of-hearing have pushed for access in the hearing-centric music world.

Going to shows that didn’t have access — chiefly, no American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter — had become too discouraging, often for safety reasons, Cryer says.

Abbi started speaking again after receiving her hearing devices, and now uses a combination of lip reading and Australian sign language, Auslan, to communicate.'Abbi has her own Facebook page as she loves sharing Auslan with others,' Amy told Caters News.'She is a very good lip reader, and since having her cochlear implant fitted aged three, she began talking again.'Abbi fell ill at around seven months old and it was soon after that she stopped talking.'I don't know if the two are linked but I've done my best to ensure Abbi has always received the best support.'Amy contacted Just Like You Dolls, in August this year after a therapist spotted their services online.

The mother-of-three said she was delighted to find an affordable custom doll, as other companies were charging up to $120 for a single doll.

Scroll down for video After researching online, Amy finally found an affordable 'Just Like You Doll,' and designed the doll in the image of her daughter.