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At Marib's gun market, a Kalashnikov assault rifle sells for a few hundred dollars and a hand grenade for , said Yemeni soldiers who accompanied Reuters on a visit to the city last week, and who all bought their weapons locally.

Heavier weapons are also available, they said, including rocket propelled grenades, mortars and light artillery - popular items with local tribal leaders long before the war began and used as much to impress followers as for any martial value.

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"And then who might have provided assistance of some sort, be it logistical or intelligence or supplying weapons, even if those weapons might have been supplied some time ago." A Yemen-based human rights official said that the US is driven to provide support in order to placate the Saudis after their opposition to the nuclear deal that the US and other world powers reached with Tehran this summer. https://com/article/the-us-wont-own-up-to-helping-the-saudi-led-coalition-kill-civilians-in-yemen – UNITAR Karten zu Zerstörungen im Jemen – Maps on destructions in Yemen – Reliefweb Make do or die: healthcare in Yemen The September 26th Hospital in Bani Matar, was bombed three times late last month.

"It comes down to the Iran nuclear deal, and this is the price to be paid, the pound of flesh," said the official, who spoke to VICE News on condition of anonymity due to the official's ongoing work in the country. The coalition was apparently targeting the building next door.

Coalition operations are providing an effective way to deflect media inquiries and concerns about civilian casualties." The dearth of information on coalition activities and the lack of an impartial investigation into civilian casualties has alarmed human rights monitors.

"If there were to be a proper investigation, first and foremost responsibility would have to be established as to who are the primary perpetrators of any attack," said Donatella Rovera, Amnesty International's senior crisis response advisor.

Easy access to weapons has enabled widely ranging groups to enter the fighting, including Islamist militants who have seized control of the port city of Mukalla, several hundred kilometers (miles) east of Marib in the Hadramawt region.