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She bullied me into doing so much unpaid work that I got behind at my freelance job and was let go.

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Fun went out the window very early on; she began treating me as though I were an employee, and a particularly stupid one at that.

Ironically, if she had shown the least respect for my time or person I would have happily helped build the site on a volunteer basis, but she made my life too miserable to put up with it for free, especially when she was using my work to beg for money.

(I’ve spoken to another blogger—Matt Forney—who offered to interview Rachel on his podcast, and she demanded he disable the comments on his blog for her interview.) Narcissists want to keep their dirty work secret so new victims won’t be forewarned and current food sources can be kept isolated from one another.

No doubt Rachel and her “network” of the sycophants she hasn’t yet alienated will scream and cry at my cruelty in exposing the poor vampire to the sunlight.

She has admitted to me—and I have it recorded—that out of the over $20,000 collected, she doesn’t have enough money left to pay me the $3,000 she’s been promising for over a week she would “pay in full” for my services. She cites postage on the little prizes we offered for donors, embezzling and will try to pin it on me, so as distasteful as it is, I’m going to have to tell my side of the story first before she smears me.