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Do you think your favorite show has any news value as defined by the two articles?

Week 6: Assignment #2 – The News and democratic deliberation 1-2 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman , one PBS News Hour broadcast, and one evening program on MSNBC and one evening program on Fox News).

c) Research methods (5pts) – how you will attempt to answer your question.

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Entman’s definition of the news in “The Nature and Sources of News” to the way it is defined in Williams and Delli-Carpini, “Political reality, political power and political relevance in the changing media environment.” Briefly summarize the differences in their definitions.

Also, explain whether your favorite TV show would qualify as “politically relevant media.” The show does not have to be a traditional news program; it just has to be any show you watch frequently.

f) Bibliography (1pt) – You may use any standard format, but be consistent. They are designed to enhance organization, help you convey your ideas more clearly, and prevent misunderstandings.