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The trial started on October 22 in Golden, Colorado.

Margera's attorney argued that his client had been playing his "goofy, outrageous and vulgar" television persona for the young teens, returning on October 31.

- Lobbyists are required by Missouri law to report any expenditures spent on a lawmaker or their family to the ethics commission. A new bill pushed by Republican State Representative Bart Korman would add sex to that list.

He was unmarried and lived in a home formerly owned by his brother in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where he had moved in the early 2000s.

He became known after appearing as a regular on the MTV television series Viva La Bam, where he was commonly referred to as "Don Vito," a nickname given to him by his nephew Bam.

As a result of his 2006 arrest, the stunts involving Don Vito were removed from the theatrical and DVD release of Jackass Number Two, but several stunts were briefly shown in previews leading up to his arrest.

Due to the allegations, he was persona non grata among the cast for a time.

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