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Players need to install the Unity Web Player into their browser to play.

The game uses a free-to-play monetization model, so players can play for free, or purchase a VIP package.

Complicating the matter was the fact that The Ville’s designer, Mark Skaggs of Zynga, used to work at EA, as did many other Zynga executives. But taking someone’s computer code and claiming it as your own is illegal.

Sexchat bot game

The video game business never has a year without controversy. But the different ways that game companies could get into trouble and draw mass market attention were surprising.

The age-old controversies about sex, violence, and other cultural insensitivities surfaced again this year.

Electronic Arts finally sued the company this year for allegedly copying The Sims Social with the launch of Zynga’s The Ville people simulation game.

EA claimed that Zynga’s team copied many details of The Sims Social.

CYBERSPACE — Yareel Entertainment Ltd has released the beta version of, a browser-based 3D sex chat game.