Sexe videochat

Being away I couldn’t really just go to the bank to talk to them, and phone wasn’t the best option either considering the additional costs.That’s when I realized that live video chat would be the perfect option here.

We have people asking for more tailored, human maketing actions and companies investing millions in marketing automation and anything to make their job a little more efficient and a lot less human.

One of the biggest marketing automation fails (Taken from Hubspot)Don’t get me wrong, marketing automation is needed and it can be an amazing tool but it can never cover your entire marketing strategy.

You’ll eventually need to get more human, especially at the end of your conversion tunnel. Because it’s just a lot easier and convenient to automate everything.

Almost all companies agree that it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more human online, but only very few of them take the time to do so. Especially when most of your competitors are doing the exact same thing.

One very human way to do that is to offer video chat on your website.