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Vatican is so dirty..scandal every fukin week in the news and people keep tossin money in the collection basket. Xmen movie does the same type of mindkontrol - not surprising since Disney bought marvel years ago but still entertaining especially if you are a comic book fan like myself. If anyone wants to read the book, please take it with a gram of salt (at some parts you might even want to just stop reading). It's like ridin a long board with all 10 hangin as you're in the Green Room, listening to Kaluli Groove..https://

I have been wondering about the V sign for a while now. You decide yourself of course what you believe in and how you do your studies. v=O6orv5a6Ou U Benjamin Falkenrath: I have a wallet case for my phone it usually works nice to keep my phone protected.

Afterwards the book describes Venusians, who almost look like normal humans, coming to Earth to help the Americans, but as well the Nazis with perfecting the round winged aircrafts and the electromagnetism energy and anti gravity which they use to be able to fly.

I have personally only heard about this from leaked Nazi information though(3,4), however Nazi Germany was defeated and much information leaked out, but America wasn’t, so most things stay hidden.

Its also stated that the Earth’s crust contains many cities of these dwellers much like Phil Schneider talked about having encountered(7) in the late 70s.