inside of her..let out another big moan and then closed her eyes, i layed her down and was on top of her pressing my body hard against her.

My cock was still inside of her & it stayed there for another couple of minutes.


I didn't care at all I kept sucking her wet cunt and took my tongue deep inside her hot cunt, she was shouting "oh SUNNY...fuck me baby...deeper deeper"...said things like these throughout the time she got sucked and suddenly she shouted "OH!! " her mouth was left wide open and her eyes shut slowly as her juices flew down my throat i drank all of it and then layed on the side of her and put my hands on her breasts she and I both were breathing heavily, she said "Your tongue is heavenly".

After five minutes I got up and told her to get ready for the best part, I opened her legs wide and saw a tiny hole...i didn't knew if my dick would go in there, we both were totally unexperienced I got up and told her to take my dick her ur mouth to get it wet she quickly did it....

She shaked her head I got on top of her stomach and moved my dick back a little bit, she was layin on the bed with her legs apart and I was sittin on top of her, i slid the top of my cock in side her wet pussy, which was quiet hot she moaned again as she got the first dick inside of her.

I stopped for a moment and then suddenly with one big thrust stuck my dick in I was hoping for atleast half of it to go in but only one quarter went it as she shouted and moaned she told me "stop..hurting me....unhhhh" but I didn't care I started stroking my cock inside her cunt by now half was in she has her eyes closed, she tried to seal her lips but she couldn't help shouting she, yelled, moan, screamed like she got killed.

Then I let go and told her to get dressed and go back, we both took a bath together once again and I also stuck my finger down her cunt in the shower.