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"This is history in my country," Psy says, from a promotional tour in New York City, during an enthusiastic 45-minute phone interview that had been strictly scheduled for 15 minutes. "THE SCENE: Horse stable THE TIME: PSY SAYS: "When we made this choreography, we called it 'horse dance.' I told [the director], ' Hey, this is horse dance, so let's find some horse place.' In that way, it can be more cheesy. I tried some things serious, to be ridiculous, you know. When we were moving to this location, to that location, I suddenly found some bus on the highway, and I talked to the director: ' Hey, let's do that, the illegal thing, the older guys' party time.' The situation was ad-libbed on the highway.

Following is the singer's scene-by-scene breakdown. THE SCENE: Lounging on a beach that's actually a playground THE TIME: PSY SAYS: "It was my idea. My thought was, the song releases on July 15th, and in Korea it's really hot in summer. There's some lighting going on and mirror balls – that's not suitable for transportation, right? ' We didn't do that on purpose at all – as a result, I love the scene most."THE SCENE: Dancing with the beautiful redhead in various locations THE TIME: PSY SAYS: "She is the leader of a very famous K-Pop girl group. She's kind of a sexy symbol among girl groups.

We just played the whole song and we just danced what we know in our lives. "THE SCENE: Elevator dance THE TIME: PSY SAYS: "He's also a very famous comedian in Korea.

There were some dirty moves and there were some horrible moves we couldn't use in the video.

But it is, at its core, an achingly complex word, which is why I rankle when it’s used so casually around children.

That said, most societal attempts to keep the word away from kids are fairly pathetic.

I said that some people could find roller coasters “sexy.” Other people could find ice cream “sexy.” I said that, when Psy sang “Heeey, sexy lady”, that probably meant he was really excited about that lady.