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But actually, it was just a photo of her cat.” The service will officially go live on February 7, or Chinese New Year’s Eve, We Chat said.

Other contacts can monitor their progress to see how many envelopes they garner, adding an element of fun and competition. We Chat is operated by social and gaming giant Tencent while Alipay is a third-party online payment platform run by e-commerce giant Alibaba Group.

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Due to 11.11 event, domestic warehouses had severe impact.

The two behemoths form part of the BAT triumvirate, three so-called kingmakers of China’s internet including search engine Baidu.

It is traditional in China and Hong Kong for people to exchange red envelopes - (“lucky money”) in Cantonese - on festive occasions and especially the Spring Festival, the biggest vacation of the year that falls on Monday, February 8 next month but lasts for around a week.

Any orders placed during weekend and holiday will be packed and arranged for shipping on the following working day. Due to 11.11 event, domestic warehouses had severe impact.