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The girls also take it in turns to play the receptionist, who presents the show and reads out the text messages from viewers and calls to reception from viewers asking for requests etc. The studio is a 'real' TV studio, where we also do a lot of other TV work during the day.

Regulations forced the channel to remove nudity from its daytime shows from 2008–09 onwards; the adult program now begins at 11 pm CET and lasts until 3 am.

During the daytime, most Sky adult channels broadcast "chat line" or "date line" programs, where viewers can call female presenters, still at the premium rate, but rarely including sexual content or conversation so they cannot be classed as "sex lines".

Focused on the laughter, this being a comedy and all.

It stars Stephen Mendel, one of my all time favourite actors. there is acting, and cinematography, and even some special effects that are so subtle it is almost as though they aren't there at all. I assume some events happen during the runtime of the film and it concludes at the end. Being both a director, writer and actor means that the film is always focused.

These mainly aim for profits, at the expense of production values, which are rarely high.