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Since I’m in Los Angeles my Tinder base is mainly full of actors, models, musicians, personal trainers and lawyers. Something about seeing photos of a man playing with his child or reading about his devotion to them makes me a little weak… Just because you’ve sent a few texts doesn’t make you besties. Yes, many people like to meet with good ole face to face interaction but hey…times are a-changing.

Once you match and chat with someone use the same discretion you would if you met them at a bar, grocery store, or park.

Being an overanalyzer, I did vast research like I was writing a thesis while figuring out how to Tinder (already valued at 0 million). For the initial stages, it’s a much more efficient use of my time as opposed to getting childcare for the kids, dressing up, and going out to a bar/restaurant. Whether you’re looking for a Tinderoni, Tinderella, Tinder Lovin, or just curious…it’s fun to try something new.

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Having congruent friends can provide a nice frame of reference for a quick “background check”. If that’s what you’re looking for, stick with a younger age range. If you right swipe a person but don’t get matched DO NOT seek her out on another form of social media.

Bad- I’ve had a few Tinder folks find me on Facebook (no idea how since they only have my first name) and send me a friend request. TIP: Before you sign up for Tinder make sure you have your desired photo as your FB profile pic. If you’re looking for something more meaningful or just want to chat and make new friends go with a more mature age range.

If you’re interested, here are some points of consideration to get you started… It uses your first name, profile pic, and age (from your FB birthdate). Who says there can’t be chivalry on a social media app?

Good- You can see if you have common friends and similar like interests.

He was there, hanging out, kind of by himself (always such a loner) —so I of course ditched my friend (and ride home) and made a beeline. ” he said warmly, with a hug, and a hand that lingered on my waist.