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While it may not be big on politics, Second Life has a booming economy that has seen users netting real cash for their virtual endeavours. There are about 1.5 million residents, 100,000 in the UK.Some 50,000 visit every day, for about four hours each.

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Several mothers in her survey were worried because their husbands surfed the Net while supposedly watching their children, who got to view the pornography and sometimes the masturbation.

Children may also suffer as a result of increasing conflict between the parents or breakup of the marriage.

The idea is that you create a computer-generated version of yourself, called an avatar.

Founder Philip Rosedale of Linden Lab says he wanted to create a world "better than reality but without political or religious issues".

Create a business, buy an island or become a cheerleader - this game is all about living your dreams.