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I wasn’t surprised Randy, Steven and Jennifer talked Colton into auditioning again and I was even less surprised they put him through to the live shows.

He has a ton of talent and personality and he’s got a totally different style than most of the other contestants in the top 24.

Home Town: Stokesdale, North Carolina Auditioned In: Savannah, Georgia Age: 23 So far, nothing Chelsea has done has really popped for me.

She has a great voice and she seems to have a lot of personality.

This is normally where I’d talk about the massive blunders the judges made when selecting their top 24 but for the most part, I agree with their choices.

That isn’t to say there aren’t contestants I’m going to miss and that isn’t to say there aren’t contestants I would’ve liked to see go further.

Maybe she just hasn’t made a mark on me as of yet because she hasn’t gotten the attention some of the other contestants have. The live performances can really change everything – as long as she makes a big enough impression to get through the first few shows so we can get to know her better.