Should we stop dating

There are some people who are important to date even if you never end up together.

Otherwise, they're generally not worth your time. The problem is when one person is turned on by things that make the other viscerally uncomfortable.

It's normal to be sexually incompatible with people, and it doesn't mean either of you is in the wrong—deciding to go your separate ways is actually pretty mature.

Scott lives a luxurious bachelor life, even when he technically wasn't a bachelor, which, side-eye.

He'd make an incredible Vegas buddy, but an incredible boyfriend? It's swoon-worthy when a dude adores the woman who gave him life, but it becomes problematic when things get into mama's boy territory.

Petulance is not a good look when you're trying to work through relationship issues. Totally cool if you join him in a post-orgasm nap because you had one before he did.