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The SHRIMP zircon ages of this study combined with lithological, structural, metamorphic and geochemical data is consistent with a rift closure model which suggests that the Archean complexes on the northern and southern sides of the Jiao-Liao-Ji belt were originally situated on a single continental block that underwent Paleoproterozoic rifting, associated with the formation of the Liaohe Group and Liaoji granitoids, and closed upon itself at ∼1.9 Ga.

Monazite dating is an important technique in geochronological studies.

They play important roles in the food chain and are an important food source for larger animals ranging from fish to whales.

The muscular tails of many shrimp are edible to humans, and they are widely caught and farmed for human consumption.

The Paleoproterozoic Jiao-Liao-Ji belt lies at the eastern margin of the Eastern Block of the North China Craton and is composed mainly of the Liaohe Group and the Liaoji granitoids.