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It implies that the bloodstains were formed on the Shroud before the still not reproduced body-image was.

Several other ‘red-color’ hypotheses for the Shroud’s bloodstains are discussed and dismissed. (2015) Cold Acid Postmortem Blood Most Probably Formed Pinkish-Red Heme-Madder Lake on Madder-Dyed Shroud of Turin.

Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 12, 101-117.

(2007) Speciation and Structure of Ferriprotoporphyrin IX in Aqueous Solution: Spectroscopic and Diffusion Measurements Demonstrate Dimerization, but Not μ-Oxo Dimer Formation. (2007) A Spectrometric and Chromatographic Approach to the Study of Ageing of Madder (Rubia tinctorum L.) Dyestuff on Wool.

(2012) First Analytical Evidences of Precious Colourants on Mediterranean Illuminated Manuscripts.