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They just seem to run in opposite directions and whinge for stuff all the time, that it would have been easier to just stay at home!

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Our activities section also has some ideas for you about things you can do with your LO's Things to do with children - Netmums Do let us know how you get on Countdown til 9am monday morning..I try to do things like dog walks and going to the park ect when I can but I cant only do that if I have someone else with me.

Having a few issues with my five year old and trying to control her, a stroppy 8 year old and push a buggy is not easy lol Otherwise we do a lot of crafts and colouring and cooking ect I agree with everything that has been posted so far but another suggestion that I would recommend is finding somewhere that will turn a 1 time visit into an annual pass. Both my kids are under 5 so are still free and although mine cost 20 initially, that 20 cost turns into pennies/visit over the year.

If the weather's not great we go or the local library a play area with jigsaws and toys.

We also live near a train station so sometimes just go there to see the trains which my ds loves. It's definitely easier to find free stuff to do in the better weather though. Now my lo is almost 4 our weekends are filling up with invites to birthday parties etc..

I've had lots of trips to London (live in Essex) where we only pay the train fare and thats it. I also have signed up for places like bowling etc that send through special offers. Sometimes the library does local stuff that is free and entertains them (ie story times, themed days at weekends etc). So we do a two day mini break using Tesco vouchers to get into places free plus I save up and get vouchers for Pizza Express etc.