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No you won’t get six pack by doing thousands of crunches every day. 😀Today we’ll talk about diet because it’s the most important.Remember to keep it simple: if you ever don’t know what you’re doing wrong, always go to check your diet first. Exercise, done right, is basically the turbo-charger of fat loss. Lack of sleep can totally impair your fat loss efforts.We’ll go into each of these in much more detail along the series — but for this post, we’ll focus on diet because it’s the most important.

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It’s just this terrifying cycle pulling on the emotional mind of consumers, something that is generating billions of dollars in totally useless diet products. So, let’s jump in and talk about what it really entails! No tricks, no gimmicks, and I don’t do ab exercises.

Unfortunately, because there’s such a strong emotional pull to getting a six pack, this is often where a lot of scam artists come in and try to sell you their products. Six months later, there were news commercials talking about how got recalled because of potentially severe health side effects and at least one death. A year later the “new, improved, safe” Hydroxycut entered the market. So Celes and I figured this would be an awesome topic to cover – and one that’s shrouded in lots of mystery!

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As for dairy – I put this in the “neutral” category.

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