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I laughed to myself, "She'll look cute in green in yellow." A "ping" from my computer speakers brought me back to reality as I glanced up at the screen; a Skype video from Tashia blinked. Instinctively I activated my Skype video, "Hey baby! "I can tell you've already done quite a bit of shopping already," I laughed.

It was amazing how quickly my face lit up whenever she called, messaged, or came into a room. She glanced over to the bags and smiled shyly, looking up at me underneath her big brown eyes, "I hope you're not mad Daddy.

I think Daddy tends to spoil you." A broad smile etched into her face, "You do Daddy but I love you for that! Casting her eyes down she bit her lip then looked back up, "Promise you won't be mad?

You take such good care of me." Subconsciously she hooked a long strand of hair behind her ear. " "She always melts me when she does that," I thought to myself. "I spent about $325 Daddy." I was pleasantly surprised, "That's all?

If you were to hold a picture of my 18 year old daughter and her mother when we met in college, you would think they were twins.

At times, I'll admit, I had to realize it was my daughter I was looking at and not my ex-wife.

There were a lot of sales going on and I tried to bargain shop." Sensing her regret I quickly replied. Daddy's fine with that." I didn't want her to think I was upset.