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But not every company is equally committed to the cause of net neutrality.

Here's where seven internet giants stand on the issue, and what a world with fast and slow lanes might mean for them.

The plan is reminiscent of a similar campaign in January 2012, when countless websites, including Google, Wikipedia, and WIRED, blacked out parts of their pages to raise awareness about a pair of draconian intellectual property reform bills known as SOPA and PIPA that Congress was debating at the time. Voters flooded their representatives with emails, phone calls, and letters, and the two bills died an early death.

It was a crucial moment in the history of internet policy and proved that activists and web companies could mobilize the public to push back against harmful legislation, and now the organizers behind the Day of Action are hoping to repeat that success.

Because we are so familiar with Skype, we have come to trust it.

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