Slow updating portage cache

A well thought out system called USE flags complement this system well.

Rather than having to tinker around with every program you compile, you can set some global USE flags.

The following optimizations were tested: Another possible optimization is setting emerge’s niceness to a more appropriate level, but I didn’t get around to testing it.

It includes the first two optimizations in order to create a nice comparison table (HDD/RAM building and ).

Furthermore this test was conducted both in a non-accelerated KMS console (booting in single-user mode) and in an accelerated X-console (Konsole in a KDE session).

analysis batch migration Business Cuzimatter development Django Email encoding Free BSD guide helpdesk internet i Phone i Report Java Joomla Linux LTSP Mac OS X maintenance My SQL OFC open source Parallels performance PHP PR review Saa S Scalix security social bookmarking startup success stories support symfony Technology Ubuntu usability web Wire Load Word Press Yahoo Yippie Move Yippie Move Complete Over the last year I have run a server using the Linux flavor Gentoo.

While most of the servers I deal with these days run Free BSD (Wire Load’s servers included), I was curious about what speed I could get out of old hardware with Gentoo. There are things I really like about Gentoo: the package management, USE flags and the sophisticated dependencies system.

So the only test done here was building amarok, k3b, kdevelop and ktorrent (as above), with RAM quiet build enabled in a KMS console, one parallel job, after disabling debug symbols generation (explained below). I actually expected this to be lower, but it seems that debug builds are not that time-consuming after all.

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