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In fact, the country singer from Oklahoma and the ska-punk-pop star from Anaheim, Calif., have already written a song together—and just this week, NBC confirmed that Stefani will serve as an advisor to Shelton's team on the upcoming season of Whatever blossomed between these two seems to be growing, and they've made trips to Tishomingo to escape the big city a part of their routine.

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“We’re an untapped resource,” says Andy Williamson, who manages IMBA’s Epic Trails and Ride Centers as the organization’s director of program development.

“The idea of dirt bag mountain bikers going to places and sleeping in their cars isn’t really relevant anymore.

The couple have hit the local Dairy Queen for dipped ice cream cones and had dinner at local favorite Gonzalez Mexican Restaurant.

They've worn matching camouflage outfits and similar baseball caps. In Oklahoma Blake and Gwen appear to have settled into the simplicity of a so-called normal relationship—picking up supplies at Atwoods Ranch and Home, or going to the grocery store and bargain-hunting at the Dollar General market on Main Street.

Then in 1993, the mines and the surrounding land were designated a state recreation area to preserve their mining heritage, and the state cleaned it up as best it could, hauling truckfuls of garbage out.