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How to create a Smart Playlist Apple has turned it up to 11 with their latest release of i Tunes.The app is completely redesigned with a new store and enhanced i Cloud functionality.So what I did was to create a first smart playlist that included all podcasts. Anyway that second playlist will keep its ordering from i Tunes.

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i Tunes gives you management options to organize your music and give ideas to make new playlists based on your habits.

Understand the key differences between playlist types, how they work and how to add or remove from a playlist.

This is a resource for creating, sharing, and chatting about i Tunes Smart Playlists.

See these faq's for more information: What is a Smart Playlist?

The result is that the second playlist is still updated automatically in i Tunes, but it does not seem to get updated on the i Phone . Re-sync with your i Phone, the playlist should now be copied and the songs will be in the exact order you wanted. Searched around the Net - there seems to be a bug with OS 3.1 that gets specifically podcasts out of order. Also, there are users with similar complaints :

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