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Like Toddand Clare, Yamie Chess enthusiastically claims endorsements from prestigious institutions and academics; its website says "Yamie Chess has been endorsed by America's best mathematicians." (It's actually not.) And like Toddand Clare, it seems no one is eager to take credit for Yamie Chess.There is no staff listed on the Yamie Chess site, and the two employees listed on the Yamie Chess Linked In are remote contractors.

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Nor has the only other person strongly connected to Yamie Chess, the chess champion and professional poker player Jennifer Shahade.

The extent of Drotar's involvement in Toddand Clare is unclear.

However, a 2014 Fox News article cites "Tunde Reid-Kapo" as the CEO of Yamie Chess.

And on IMDB, Tunde Reid-Kapo is credited as the director and writer of "King Tigermore In Strawberry Fields," a short and amateurish cartoon promoting Yamie Chess, which played in a handful of film festivals around the US.

And an internet archive search for shows that the site redirected to Toddand as recently as Sept.