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Society sees it as a recreational pastime, his friends ridicule his attempts to quit, but David finds himself engulfed in a world of misery that despite his greatest efforts, he can’t seem to find a way out of.Through a series of different view points, including pro-legalization advocates and former marijuana smokers who have entered into recovery, MASCA seeks to provide a comprehensive opinion on an issue that many fail to realize is a mounting epidemic.

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, is not a film intended to tackle the decision of whether or not marijuana should be legalized; it is not a film to debate whether marijuana is inherently an addictive substance; it is simply a film that is intended to raise society’s awareness of our own misconceptions by allowing us to take a closer look at something that many of us have either considered a harmless herb or the heathen devil weed.

last June, dozens of demonstrators carrying “Stop the Violence” and “Rape is Rape” placards descended on the Hilton Double Tree in downtown Detroit.

This forum is for male survivors who wish to share experiences specific to sexual exploitation in media.

This encompasses victims of exploitation and abuse via photographs, audio, film and video recordings taken with or without consent, and/or the distribution of such with or without consent.

From time to time Male Survivor will post links to research studies that have received unconditional approval from an Institutional Review Board for proper protection of human subjects.