Spb weather not updating Adults cams

In the list of apps, background app refresh should be turned ON for the Vector Watch App.

If you killed the Vector Watch app on your phone, please open it again.

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I ha installed ur previous versions and they hav worked fine. Your SPB V3.7(460) is good, but I think the old version, V3.5(437) is better, example in your version weather better than old version but can't update weather if setting changed with other SPB, as for old version can update although setting changed with anything SPB.

There might be multiple reason why the weather stream is not updating to the latest data on your phone.

Check out his blog here for some cool pix, and stuff about Thule.

Thule has a pretty interesting history, especially in terms of weather forecasting (see this). Anyway, I was glad that the Spb Weather app had an inclusive enough database to find a station for it.

If you’re wondering about the opening screenshot showing a big blob of wonderfully cold polar air over Qaanaaq, Greenland, I did that in part tribute to a true weather guru and an old friend.