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This natural selection is good for the mob as a whole, because the average speed and health of the whole mob keeps improving by the elimination of the weakest members.

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- When it gets in to any electrical appliance it will destroy it.

- And if you hold the appliance while this happens you will die from electrocution too!

In 2010 the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that annual beer consumption was not at its lowest in 60 years, per capita beer consumption was now down to only 4.5 litres per year, the lowest since 1950!

A pretty embarrassing score compared to 1979 when beer consumption peaked at 6.4 litre per capita.

This makes you wonder about the need for an Institute of Beer; at the 1976 Olympics Aussie athletes were that pathetic winning only one silver medal and no gold what so ever that the government started an Institute of Sport to better prepare our athletes for this sort of event and it worked as the Aussies dragged twelve medals away from the next 1984 Olympics.