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Below is a three-step progression to develop incredible change of direction and lateral capabilities. Slight knee flexion and more flexion at the hips 4.In order to move quickly in different directions you must first be able to decelerate correctly. Start with right foot on one of the lane lines of a standard basketball court (facing the baseline) 2. Feet shoulder-width, soft and springy (on the balls of your feet) 4. No weight on the front hand (Right hand) because the movement is lateral (Left hand or opposite hand 90 degree at hip) 5.The new FT-X series of Full Speed USB device bridges offer more interface options with lower power, lower pin count and higher levels of integration.

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In 2014 this series was extended to include the capacitive touch enabled version of the EVE integrated circuit, and 2015 has seen the announcement of the FT81X series, a further 4 devices to be added to the EVE range: the FT810, FT811, FT812 and FT813.

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The game of basketball is a true test of an athlete’s ability to think on their feet. Make sure the left leg stays shoulder width (any closer will cause a poor movement pattern) 8. After the second push off (left leg), stick on the right leg 2. Land on a soft flat foot (land quietly) Similar to what we discussed with linear acceleration, priming the CNS will be beneficial to helping an athlete improve his ability to perform explosive movements. Feet hip width, soft and springy (on the balls of your foot) 3. Learning the fundamentals and becoming comfortable with the correct movements through activation will lead to the realization of the proper mechanics when things are put into a full speed scenario.

Due to its incredibly fast pace and the nature of the sport, it calls for speed both linearly and laterally. The right leg should be on the opposite lane line 2. The drill below will help athletes become more efficient moving laterally, as opposed to linearly. The “pro agility” drill is a great way to work on improving an athlete’s change of direction and lateral movement skills.

Proper deceleration mechanics allow an athlete to absorb force efficiently so that it may be released quickly in the opposite direction. All pressure on inside left foot (big toe) and on outside right foot (little toe) First 5 yards: 1.