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The Kwantlen were a major factor in the salmon trade that later operated out of the Fort Langley.

Their houses are built of cedar planks and in shape, similar to the one already described, the whole range, which is six hundred and forty feet long by sixty broad, is under one roof, the front is eighteen feet high and the covering is slanting: all the apartments which are separated by partitions are square, except the Chief's, which is ninety feet long.

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Along with farming, the export of cranberries and salmon would soon become the fort's main source of profit.

In 1858, gold was discovered in the Fraser River in what is now the interior of British Columbia, and the fort also became important as a supply station for the miners heading up the river toward the gold fields.

Langley Township is not to be confused with the City of Langley, which is adjacent to the township but politically is a separate entity.

There is limited recorded history from this time, as much was passed down through oral tradition rather than written documents.

Farming as well as cranberry and salmon exports soon replaced fur trading as the fort's primary source of income.