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Na een paar jaar zonder vogels heb ik een nieuwe aluminium voliere besteld met de afmeteingen van 14 x...

53ste Nationale Vogeltentoonstelling Tielse Vogelliefhebbers Vereniging imschrijven Een prachtige Vogelshow in Tiel om te bezoeken en of mee te spelen De 53ste Nationale tentoonstelling U kunt nog inschrijven *Locatie:...

The Muricay Beach is located further away, at 4 kilometers, but the white sands and clear seas more than make up for the distance.

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The bibliography at the end provides references to more detailed and comprehensive sources.

The study of pottery is an important branch of archaeology.

There is also the White Beach that, as its name suggests, is a stretch of white sand beach just minutes southeast of the seaport. The clear, deep, blue waters (even during low tides) are excellent for swimming and diving.

The Bomba Beach, located in barangay Bomba some 2 kilometers away from the city, is also a good area for swimming and fishing, with a bomba bridge and natural coral reefs.

These are important in providing us with a type series of vessel forms, although broken vessels can be just as useful for this. The clay from which it is made often contains pieces of burnt flint or other stone and the pottery appears very coarse.