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Freemen starts to get ready for work, but sees Tails has used his work clothes to build a new machine. Tails takes them to the roof of the building where the Tornado is sitting. They then get over the ocean, to which Tails says the island is over the Atlantic Ocean.

Freemen asks what is he doing, and Tails says he can make an invention out of anything. All of a sudden, a giant cannon is shot at the Tornado, but Tails manages to dodge it.

People hopefully might say "It's the best Michael Bay movie since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." It featured the voices of Roger Craig Smith, Travis Willingham, Cindy Robinson, and many others. When Earth got into a huge war with an advanced alien race known as the Xena, the Xena spilt Earth into two different dimensions. He has discovered that somehow, a rotten egg's essensce can power the machine. The Hedgehog then watches as the fleet teleports away. When he is about to brush his teeth, he notices his toothbrush is missing. soldiers say they need the hedgehogs help to defeat the e vil Robotnik. When Freemen gets home, he sees Sarah, Sonic, and Tails watching the news.

One is just regular old Earth, while the other is the magical world of Möbius. He then runs to the plane crash and opens the cockpit. The Hedgehog asks if he's okay, and the fox says yes. The hedgehog says that's too long, and he will call him Tails. The Hedgehog is shocked for a minute, and starts to look a little sad. He looks around the house, and sees Sonic and Tails sitting in the kitchen. The news states that there have been five Robotnik attacks around the world already. When Freemen sits down, Tails tells him he has fixed the Tornado, and has discovered an entire flying island that has leaked in from Mobius.

It will be produced by Sony and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It was rated PG-13 for mild language and coarse violence. captures a blue hedgehog, the hedgehog manages to escape out of the secret base. It then shows the news report as the news anchor reports that a mysterious hedgehog has been saving innocent people throughout New York. He then fires lasers at the hedgehog, but he dodges it. Robotnik says he likes that name, and the Egg Mobile flies up.