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The only problem is that everyone else has this book so if you are the type of person that wants to hit the isolated small towns you will be disappointed.

My advice is to use this book for its maps and information on getting from city to city, but talk to the locals and other travelers for those isolated gems that Lonely Planet for some reason didn't find worthy to include.

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You should take a visit if you want to do a lot of outdoor activities in a relatively compact area.

Ecuadorian girls look very indigenous with straight black hair, high cheekbones, thin eyebrows, and small eyes.

Their bodies were not blessed with curves, but every city, no matter how small, has at least a few natural beauties.

Regardless, this is not a country you should be coming for the girls, as most of them look like pictures of Native Americans in your high school history textbook.

Seguramente serán mas lindas las gringas color rosa que habitan tu país, perfecto, entonces quedate allá, comiendo tu propia mierda y el miedo que te da saber que ante el mundo sos un gringo de mierda. The girls here have curves are the most polite and beautiful in the world. Maybe you stayed in a different part or didn’t look in the right places, but I walk or bus everywhere instead traveling via taxi, which I’m assuming would help see more people(the night clubs don’t count, I seem to attract a lot of cross-dressers…).