Speed dating tips for girls

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WRONG - How many times have I seen it, one of the least attractive guys in the room get the most "ticks" from the girls. Confidence, out-going with a firm hand shake and a big smile.

After running so many events all around the country, if I were to shut my eyes and only talk and shake hands with the guys when they enter the meet and greet to get their name tag, I bet I could pick the guy(s) who would do the best just from that and not even go by their looks. Although guys pick mainly with their eyes, girls generally put importance of looks way down on their list, way below CONFIDENCE.

Pop Up Speeddating suggests you hit the closest one to you. If you are attending on your own, hook up with another single man in attendance and become each’s other’s wingman.

Indulge in a little light chat to see whether the chemistry is there and if so, take her contact details at your earliest opportunity within reason. Not only will she be flattered, but if you think she is hot, chances are that every other bloke in the room has got their beady eye on her. At The Night Draws To A Close Decided who your favourite girl of the night is? Make it clear that she is the one that caught your eye the most and tell her that you will be in touch and hope that you will go out on a date with her. And you may have just met your new best friend to boot!

If you have attended a singles events, and acquired the digits yourself, do not go down the ill-advised 3-day waiting game.