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During the war in Spain the Duke of Wellington had the greatest difficulty in obtaining his necessary supplies of specie, the English Government being unable to induce any firm of Bankers to undertake the responsibility of conveying the money to Spain. It is stated that this transaction alone gave to Rothschild a profit annually for eight years of ;^i 50,000. In many ways Sir Robert was a remarkable man and one of the most prominent citizens of his day. In the middle of the Church was a Crucifix with a hanging lamp in front, this lamp was kept burning night and day in accc Mr- dance with the bequest of Roger of Ely.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild died 13th September, 181 2, aged 67 years, leaving five sons, Anselm, Salomon, Nathan, James, and Carl. Elected on the Court of the Fishmongers' Company, 1649. His Will provided that 2,400 poor householders of the City X Calendar of Wills, 2, 53. 3 See " Rectors of the Parish." 288 should have " a competent dinner " on his birthday and also two- pence each. On the Font was a table, on which were written the matins of the holy angels, the seven psalms and the litany, and hanging on the pillar over the font was a tablet on which was painted a crucifix with the two saints Mary and John, and hanging on the wall against the font was an alabaster image of S. There was also a Table on which was written the Ten Commandments, the seven deadly sins, the seven remedies against them, and the seven deeds of mercy.

After the Fire the Hall was rebuilt on the same spot, a subscription being opened among the members to defray the cost. This was subsequently let to the Electric Telegraph Company, and in 1854 *^® Company removed to St. This Court is not mentioned in Ogilby and Morgan's Map of London, 1677 ; in all probability it was not then formed. Although, as will be seen in the following history of the firm, the London business was first established in 1803, the name does not appear in the London Directory until 1811, when it is given as " N. Rothschild, merchant, 2, New Court." This name is continued until 1837, when it appears for the first time in its present style. Stephen, one cup of silver gilt, and to Helen, her sister, twenty pounds for her marriage, and her two best robes with one short robe.^ 1352. John de Oxenford (Skinner) desires to be buried in the Church of S.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Thomas' Hospital, to which institution he bequeathed ;^500. Both he and his Partner, Alderman Wright, are said to have each left a fortune of ;^3oo,ooo. When Sheriff he, together with his Colleague, John Perring, was much aggrieved at the action of the Lord Mayor (Staines) in not inviting them to the Mansion House to a banquet there given I ** Annual Register," 30, ai6. The Prince of Wales having honoured this dinner with his presence, the two Sheriffs considered it their duty to apologise to His Royal Highness by letter, in which, after reciting the Lord Mayor's neglect of that respect towards them which custom had established, and which from their high ofi Ece they had a right to demand, they concluded : " Under this impres- sion your Royal Highness will not be surprised that we resented what we considered an indignity to our station, that we refiised to be mere puppets in what he presumed to be his private judgment, and that we consented to sacrifice that unbounded pleasure we ought to have enjoyed in humbly receiving and dutifully waiting upon your Royal Person to the feeling of public propriety-" During his Shrievalty he always made a practise of attending the services at one of the prisons; in doing this he contracted asthma of which he died. Married ist October, 1803, Anna Maria, daughter of Arch- deacon Bumaby, Vicar of Greenwich. I '* Dictionary of National Biographv.,' a Lord Mayor, 1815-17. Having in early life been a tide waiter, he was by no means remarkable for his polished manners, but was no doubt a shrewd worthy man.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. We find several references in the State Papers to this Alder- man. He is represented in his scarlet Civic gown and large wig. Sherifif, 1776-7, with Samuel Plumbe « (Goldsmith) ; Sir Thomas Halifax » (Goldsmith) being Lord Mayor. On his retirement, and that of his colleague, from the office of Sheriff, the following vote of thanks to them was unanimously recorded : " For their unremitting attention to and faithful discharge of the various and important duties of that highly respectable office, and particularly for their active and benevolent exertions to administer relief to the numerous necessitous persons committed to their custody in a session of general distress and imder circumstances of peculiar difficulty." ' Alderman Cadell carried on a large business at No. The worthy Alderman seems to have had some difficulty in having the Mansion House prepared for his reception by the General Purposes Committee of the Corporation, if we may judge from the following letters, the first of which is dated 8th October, 1818, from Walbrook, and is addressed to Charles Hicks, Esq., the Chairman : — ** Dear Sir I hope you will excuse my troubling you in your private abode to inform you that I have visited the Mansion House and as my wish is to have cleanliness, I can assure you there is field enough for brooms and brushes, and I should like to have the opportunity of occupying yourself and the Committee to view the house as there is a necessity in my opinion for something to be done." On the 24th November, he wrote to the Committee com- plaining that since the 8th of October not a single thing had been done, the whole place being in a filthy state and requiring their immediate attention. Williams, whom the Ward had elected to a seat in the Common Council. Williams was one of the four Attornies of the Lord Mayor's Court.

An account of these services will be found in ** Churches and Chapels of Old London " (by J. There are two tablets in the Hall with inscriptions, one referring to the old premises and the second to the present building. Here are very good buildings with inhabitants considerable, and at the upper end is a very good large house inclosed from the rest by a handsome pale." In the London Directory for 1840, besides the firm of Rothschilds, who are stated to be at No. For several years he was in the service of a banker named Oppenheim, in Hanover. Mary atte Naxe and to the high altar and ministers of S. To Isabella, his daughter, his tenement with all vessels and utensils appertaining thereto in the Parish of S. To his sons, sums of money and house- hold goods to be in the custody of his wife, so long as she remain a chaste and honest widow.* X Calendar of Wills, x, 31. ** A License was granted to Robert Chichely Citizen and Grocer to give to Thomas Southwell Parson of the Church and his successors a piece of ground 208 J feet long, 66 feet wide in the same parish of the yearly value of 13s. to the end that the Parishoners may build there a new Church in honour of S.

The first inscription is as follows : ** This Edifice purchased for the Trans- action of the General Business of the Worshipful Company of Founders, and to replace their ancient Hall in Lothbury was opened Monday, July 31, 1854." Then follow the names of Master, Wardens, and Court of Assistants. The Company have in their Hall a very beautiful set of bell weights ranging from i lb. After which, having gathered together a sufficient capital, he started in the business of banking on his own account. Stephen, a cemetery for the burial of the dead, and a house for the dwelling of the parson.'* The Abbot and Convent of S. It was subsequently purchased by Sir Robert Chichely, Lord Mayor, 14, acting as the executor of Sir William Standen, at a cost of 200 marks.

A new line of business was struck out, the firm being from this time engaged in issuing and contracting with the English and Foreign Governments for the various loans which were then required for carrying on and paying for the various wars. The third by Sir Robert Whittingham (Alderman of Walbrook) ; the fourth by Sir Henry Barton' (Skinner), Sheriff, 1405, Lord Mayor, 14 ; the fifth by Sir Robert Otely, Sheriff, 1427, Lord Mayor, 1434; the sixth by Thomas Catworth, Lord Mayor, 1443; the seventh by John Penne (Alderman of Walbrook) ; the eighth by Ralph Barton, Sheriff, 1410. Katharine, the altar in this Chapel being of marble; there were also six images of saints in this Chapel, viz., S. This we learn firom the fact that when the new Church was built, after the fire, the Vestry minutes record that four bells were to be sold and two retained for the new Church, so that probably the two bells in present use are more than 400 years old. He gave £60 to the Haberdashers' Company, to be laid out in the purchase of lands and tenements of the yearly value of ;^3. 257, 261, 300, 316, 380, 237, 292, 295 200 Leathersellers Mercers ..