Spike jonze dating michelle williams

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And choosing the East Coast over the West Coast is still a smart move if you want to be relatively left alone.

While the Big Apple, Brooklyn included, isn't exactly devoid of Hollywood-type activity, Los Angeles remains the heart of the biz—and all the pitfalls of fame that come with it.

"I'm just learning lessons now, like learning how to be a working mom."Asked about Williams and Ledger's on set romance, Gyllenhaal recalled the trailer count going from four to three, and Hathaway said, "There were sparks immediately.

It was adorable."As for Ledger, he called Williams the "perfect mom" and said, "I'm so proud.

"I just sort of sit and wait for things to come my way."Only in 2014 did Williams sell the Boerum Hill townhouse that she and Ledger moved into together in 2005, reportedly getting $8.8 million—17 percent over ask—for the six-bedroom home.