Sqldatasource onupdating method

For data that has been changed in other controls, the Sql Data Source. Update operation is performed, the Sql Data Source View. Update operation completes, the Sql Data Source View. Note: Values are inserted into parameters without validation, which is a potential security threat. Updating event to validate parameter values before executing the query.Update method can be explicitly called on postback during the Form. On Updating(Sql Data Source Command Event Args) method is called to raise the Sql Data Source. You can handle this event to examine the values of the parameters and to perform any preprocessing before an Sql Data Source. On Updated(Sql Data Source Status Event Args) method is called to raise the Sql Data Source. You can handle this event to examine any return values and error codes and to perform any post-processing. For more information, see Script Exploits Overview.

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Sqldatasource onupdating method

If you don't wrap init code in a test for Is Post Back, you can end up with undesirable results. Architectural Overview of the Windows Presentation Foundation Beta 1 Release Introduction Windows Presentation Foundation Beta 1 Windows Integration New Features Win FX SDK Exploring the New Features Introducing "Express" ... NET Web Forms Controlpublic class Profiled Sql Data Source : Sql Data Source{ protected override Db Provider Factory Get Db Provider Factory() { // get the "base" Db Provider Factory ...

'Function on Control1 called from Control2 after Control1 Page Init/load: Public F... Like in a regular postback, partial postbacks run Page_Load.

This allows you to write your SQL statement in such a way that if the data currently in the database does not match the data that was initially read from the database, the update operation is not performed.

Update method is automatically called by the Grid View, Details View, and Form View controls during postback if the data has been changed. Update Parameters properties, and then executes the Db Command object against the underlying database.

Update method of the Sql Data Source View object that is associated with the Sql Data Source control.