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stalker online updating error-18

You can use the ZRP "store-weapons-in-backpack" option to reduce the incidence. See the section on lockups above for more workarounds. = levels().end() [error]Function : Game Graph:: CHeader::level [error]File : e:\stalker\patch_1_0004\xr_3da\xrgame\game_graph_inline.h [error]Line : 171 [error]Description : there is no specified level in the game graph : 96 stack trace: Scheduler tried to update object m_tushkano_normal21511 ... FATAL ERROR [error]Expression : false [error]Function : CGame Graph::distance [error]File : e:\stalker\patch_1_0004\xr_3da\xrgame\game_graph_inline.h [error]Line : 96 [error]Description : There is no proper graph point neighbour!

" in the log if you catch the problem when it occurs. stack trace: Some mutant or NPC was switched online with an assigned level value that was either completely bogus (no specified level) or valid but not for the location (no proper graph point neighbor). STALKER will spawn Alife in a random radius about a spawn point, which helps make the spawn different each time.

It traps most keystrokes and the game window stays on top, so the PC seems locked up.

You can kill the game via the Windows Task Manager; in XP you can press ctrl-alt-del, alt-E, E to end the current task.

Examples: behind rocks on the edge of a map, or on a different elevation than the destination.