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The decal on the handle is near perfect and looks great.

The box is only fair with taped or torn corners and a weak top. This is a really nice plane that is in pristine condition, and shows no evidence of ever having been used.

It is a very versatile plane and a favorite with users. The condition is like new and this looks to have seen little use. The japanning on this 7" block plane is near flawless and the sole is bright and shiny. The box is only fair, but did a great job protecting this versatile and popular little plane. This super condition scraper was made after 1930 as evidenced by the logo on the cutter and the spring feature that was patented in 1933. The knob looks liked stained hardwood, but he handle sure looks like Rosewood or some other exotic like that..

When he saw the plane said: "you are lucky, Giuliano, this is a type 13 SW Stanley Bailey.

Someone painted it red" and explicated me its features and why some vintage planes were considered better than others.