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It works especially well with C using the standard Netbeans Dark Look and Feel plugin. THIS ONE HAS BEEN DEPRECATED AND IT SHOULDN'T BE USED ANYMORE. Displays a menu item for each file path part (all parent directories and the file itself) and several useful actions are provided like Open/Explore In System, Copy File Path, Copy Qualified Name, Select In Projects/Files. This plugin enables finding (searching) recursively file(s) from the directories that have been added in Netbeans' favorites window with support for wildcard, regex and support for controlling the search behavior Set of Net Beans modules to help developing Atlassian plugins (for Bamboo, Jira, Confluence etc).

Nice and soothing on the eyes, with well-chosen coloring. JMF has slowly become obsolete over the years and it's been abandoned. Helps with editing of file, javascript writing and debugging, running and quick-rerunning your plugin.

BTW you can remove some of the ads: Settings-- Disabled FIOS TV Home Screen (disabled by clicking the "Turn Off This Screen" button)I got so annoyed with the banner ad I switched the default guide to Channel Guide which does NOT have an ad banner. First thing, only certain shows are listed as "shobot" shows.

Second thing, it wouldn't record single episodes, only series.

Just adding my voice to say "me too" with the daily updating.