Statistics on physical dating violence in college students

Physical violence and emotional violence were most often committed by partners, while sexual violence was less likely to be partner related. These students may have a heightened sense of awareness of violence related to course content, or they may have selected the class because of prior personal experience.

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It is unclear whether experiences with certain types of violence (ie, physical, sexual, and emotional) during college are associated with the nature of the relationship between victims and perpetrators.

We are unaware of any existing studies that explore past and current physical, sexual, and emotional victimization and perpetration among adolescent men and women in a broad range of college relationships within the same sample.

Women reported more victimization than men, but male victimization was considerable (27.2%).

More men perpetrated sexual violence; more women perpetrated physical violence.

Emotional violence was defined as being put down, made to feel bad about oneself, being isolated from friends and family, or acting in a possessive manner.