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They won the competition, and shortly afterward recorded three songs at RCA Studios: "Every Little Thing", "Strangers in the Night", and the Carpenter original, "Iced Tea".

"Iced Tea" is the only recording that was officially released to the public.

Though Richard worked up an arrangement only after Alpert's insistence, his arranging talents clearly shone in the finished product.

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The song also successfully launched the careers of Nichols and Williams, who went on to write multiple hits for the Carpenters and many other artists.

While Karen was suffering from the anorexia nervosa that would ultimately kill her in 1983, in the late 1970s, Richard suffered from insomnia, panic attacks, depression, and an addiction to Quaalude, a sedative and hypnotic medication.

At the time he sought help, Carpenter had a doctor's prescription for Quaalude as sleep aid, but his use had gotten out of hand.

A reviewer of the BBC biopic Only Yesterday: The Carpenters Story (2007) notes: "As their fame grew, cracks began to show in their wholesome facade. Gabe Mirkin wrote in "The sad story of Karen Carpenter" (February 15, 2014), "In those years, you could tell that something was wrong because the Carpenters frequently cancelled appearances.

Along with two older friends, a group was formed and they played at a local pizza parlor.